Welcome to Big Jim’s Cattle Service

I started this business in the late 80’s with hoof trimming services. I purchased a hoof trimming table because I didn’t like to wait for other hoof trimmers to come to me, and I wanted to trim my way. Over the years it has grown to be a state wide business trimming almost exclusively beef cattle and show cattle. I trim many Jr. Livestock projects and truly enjoy interacting with youth.

I have trimmed many Denver, California State Fair, and local County Fair Champions over the years. Unfortunately due to some health issues I am no longer traveling to trim. If you need me to trim they will have to come to our ranch to have them done. I am trying to limited the number I do per day to no more than 10 per day which makes scheduling a challenge at times. Call ahead of time to be sure I can accommodate your needs.

Selling WW Livestock Equipment and WW Paul Scales, began in the mid 90’s through my purchase of a Sale Ring for our county fair. At that time I met Mr. Gene Herrmann who was then an independent rep for WW, as I am now. His area rep was Pat Carhart. When Pat moved up to Sales Manager and Gene moved up to Western US Sales Rep for the company my part of the business began to grow, and now Gene and I work together on many projects. With mentors and friends like Pat and Gene, my business and experience has greatly expanded. With retirement from my day job in 2008, and the growing sales business, I have been able to concentrate on more equipment sales and our other venture HAVE Angus. Due to my relationship with Kirby Kelly, Bo Sanders, and Penny Edwards at the WW Paul Scales Division in Duncan OK, we have become a major source in California and beyond.

The third part of this diverse business is a small amount of custom fitting almost exclusively for the Red Bluff Bull Sale where we take bulls for producers who either cannot or don’t have the expertise to take their bulls to the sale. Over the last 20+ years we have helped many breeders by allowing them to present and market their product with great success including many breed champions and sale starters.

These 3 separate parts of my business along with HAVE Angus, have allowed me to do what I enjoy, and have enabled me to form friendships with the best people in the world! Without Ag and Ag people our world could not sustain itself!

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